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My Story: It’s all about finding the Partners you Trust!

My Story: It’s all about finding the Partners you Trust!

Before I begin my story, if you haven’t met Todd & Josh, it’s a must.  You’ll know I’m right when you meet them. They have a busy calendar, but it’s worth it if you can get their time to jump on a call, or even better if you can schedule them for a visit.  Now on to my story…



It’s all about finding the Partners you Trust…


So now I look back over 30 years of a career in IT. I’ve worked in an assortment of industries from law, finance, consulting, and energy.  I’m lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to work in amazing positions and roles.  My beginnings go back to when the IT department was called MIS and monitors only had 2 colors, black and green.


I’ve built IT organizations and their associated infrastructures from the ground up, relocated entire corporate offices to another state, led multiple merger and acquisition efforts and headed hundreds of projects.   I’ve hired and developed more high-performance teams than I can count.  If I never have to interview another person again I’d be perfectly happy.  Endless methodologies, documents, and articles have crossed my keyboard, providing for a wonderful case of carpal tunnel.  From startups to Fortune 1000 companies.  I’ve had the opportunity to work in all the departments and positions within IT throughout the years.


And this is the story for so many fellow IT executives…


We’ve moved technology and the companies we’ve worked for forward. We’ve advanced the landscape with companies from the simple designs to the sprawling infrastructures and architectures that at times boggle the mind.


So, when it was time for what I hope to be the final career that leads me to retirement, I carefully surveyed the industry to find a specific kind of company.  One where I could use those years of experience, add my mix of background to help bring it to its full potential, and enjoy going to work every day.


I reconnected with two brilliant gentlemen who I had worked with for years, Todd & Josh.


Simply put, these guys are rock stars!


I liked everything about them.  They are super smart, knew the right way to get the job done, and I trusted them. And that is the biggest part, the trust.  I keep a list of those top tier A players I trust, and Todd & Josh were always on the “list”.


I originally met them when they had successfully built out a private cloud, which just ran and ran for years without issues.  They took their model of successful operations and started their own IT Managed Services business called Involve IT.  Involve offers the full suite of services that infrastructure teams must have today.  They provide critical assistance with private & public clouds, networking, security, disaster recover, backup, hardware procurement and a host of technical services and resources.


What made it even better was Todd & Josh cherry picked the best people from their network to join the company.  They ended up with a quality and deep experience that is a rare commodity in this industry.   They were refreshing, energetic, and were doing it the right way.  They could really help companies cut costs, improve their service, assist in designing better infrastructure configurations, and allow the departments to free up their time for other tasks.  Todd & Josh and their Legendary Team of Engineers as I like to call them.


I did my research into Involve IT…


Businesses were clamoring to have them work for them. They were well known on the street as one of the best up-and-coming providers and were highly sought after in the IT Managed Services arena.  Their customers really trusted them and had an unwavering confidence in their ability to get the job done at a great price.


They also spend a good deal of time working with the various manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), CISCO, Western Digital, and a host of others. They work closely with the manufacturers to design the best configuration and to get the best price.  I watched them spend days working with HPE to find the optimal solution with special pricing that made all the difference for the customer.  Just another example of them going the extra mile.


Involve, Todd & Josh, and their Legendary Team of Engineers was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I turned down quite a few offers and joined the crew.  Now I hang my hat as VP of Relationship Management at Involve IT, helping customers and ensuring their success.  The culture here is remarkable and the people are brilliant.  Every day I get to work with this amazing team and have those real down-to-earth conversations with our customers.  At the end of the day, it’s really all about the people and the relationship you bring to the table.  I hope to retire with a smile on my face and a thousand happy customers with the same.


If you’d ever like to catch up and chat, or even meet with Todd & Josh, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me. You will enjoy it.  Talk to you soon.


John Finley
Vice President | Involve IT Solutions

Relationship Management

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