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Exceptional Consulting Services

The team at Involve IT Solutions offers critical services to support your business.  Whether it’s support for your hardware or software, operations, projects, or your online presence, the team can fill the gap with expert assistance.  Involve IT offers onsite or virtual consulting engagements. Take advantage of the deep knowledge, experience, and versatility of our team.

Interim or Consulting CIO

During times of transition, transformation, or turnover, an interim or consulting CIO may be the best option to maintain the stability and growth of an IT organization. IT personnel look to the leadership team for motivation, job security, and strategic direction.  Having the right person leading your IT organization is critical to the success of the business.


IT is a customer service organization continually needing focus, encouraging ordinary people to do extraordinary things and strong leadership to develop and grow a customer-centric success model.

Board Advisor

Expand and diversify the experience, advice, and competitive edge of your business by leveraging an Involve IT senior executive as an advisor to your leadership team or Board of Directors.  Gain immense value and a new perspective from a seasoned veteran with over 20 years of IT and customer service experiences.


Involve IT offers advice and background in building successful IT organizations from the ground-up, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and moving organizations to the next level.

Organizational Processes & Methodologies

Lean on Involve IT Solutions for developing and rolling out new business processes and procedures. Document, design, and train staff on policies and procedures for business and IT operations. The Involve IT team provides end-to-end support for process improvement, SDLC methodologies, compliance, workflow, and the tools that support critical business operations.


Support your growing customer base while maintaining neutral headcount, increasing productivity, and client satisfaction.

Program & Project Management

Ensure success in achieving your objectives and deliverables. Involve IT Solutions is the partner to oversee the scope, resources, time, and money of your corporate and IT projects.  Have immediate support for leading small-to-large projects, mergers & acquisition programs, corporate relocations, and customer implementations.


Involve IT Solutions has extensive experience working with customers, technical teams, executive management, and cross-functional teams to ensure proper communications, planning, and customer satisfaction.

Cloud & Infrastructure

When you have a new system to migrate or upgrade to implement, Involve IT’s experts come to your data center to handle your project – from planning to deployment and technical training. We employ top tier engineers with the ability to deliver top level services to you while getting the project done right the first time, on time and within budget.

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Website Services & Digital Marketing

Every customer requires a different strategy and execution for a successful online presence.  Involve IT Solutions selects the designs, functionality, and layout that best fits your Customer Persona and Business Goals.  We leverage the latest in website design, specialized content, search engine optimization (SEO), unique social media strategies and advertising techniques.


Website Design, Development, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Arts, Photography, and Video.

Your Trusted Partner!

The Involve Process


Identify the Problem: Challenges, Problem, Assessment, Current Environment, Expected Growth, and Growth Sizing


Delivering a Solutions Road-map: Current State, Current Environment, Risk Assessment, Current Conversations, Strategy, and Solution Recommendations


Solving the Problem: Document Requirements, Define Operational Processes, KPIs & Metrics, and Manufacturers Engagement


Get it Done: Procurement, System Installation & Configuration, Testing & Validation, and Training


We have your Back: Ongoing Support, 90 Day Tune-up, Available for Q&A, and Training

Technology Experts You Can Trust

We will reduce your annual budget, allow you to focus your resources to work on strategies that move your business forward, and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks.   We are technology experts who understand and deliver practical, economical and reliable solutions you can TRUST.