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Data Center Colocation

Enjoy the benefits of managing your servers while reducing costs, improving overall reliability, and increasing scalability with Colocating at our facilities.

Why be in the Data Center business?​

If you are looking to get out of the Data Center building maintenance business and want to have your Infrastructure hosted in a world class data center, Involve can help. Host at one of Involve’s Data Centers to reduce the worry about cooling, floor space, generators and fire suppression. The ability to offload these concerns more than makes up for the low monthly operational costs it takes to move to a Colocation (Colo).


Let our facilities worry about these items, all systems are redundant. All systems are specialized and built to purpose!


Choose from one of our East or West coast facilities.  Whichever is geographically right for your needs.

Flexible Cabinet Colocation

We utilize cabinet solutions to support and protect rack-mount servers, storage, and network devices. Colocation cabinets configurations are flexible, secure, and designed to meet your needs.

Secure Cage Colocation

We provide secured and ventilated partitions and cages to fit all your needs, from small deployments to full suites. High density, special power solutions, and a host of additional options can be accommodated.

Managed Colocation

We will provide all of the necessary infrastructure support for power, temperature, and network. Offering fully managed solutions for your data center requirements so your team has time to focus on critical projects.

Data Center Facilities

The data center offers multiple floors including 3 underground floors and 110,000 sq ft of raised flooring for power, air, and UPS. Our data center offers SAS70 Type I / II compliance and SSAE16 SOC2 certifications.

Technology Experts You Can Trust

We will reduce your annual budget, allow you to focus your resources to work on strategies that move your business forward, and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks.   We are technology experts who understand and deliver practical, economical and reliable solutions you can TRUST.