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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

We offer affordable and reliable disaster recovery and backup architecture and solutions to reduce costs and safeguard critical data.

Backup as a Service Provider (BaaS)

As we covered in our Backup section under VAR services, legacy backup can be a burden and getting data offsite either requires tapes to be sent to a secure location or a secondary data center in your network.  These can be difficult to manage and costly to maintain.  Involve offers a Backup as a Service where we can store digital backups for retention or recovery.  In the event you need that data, we can transfer over the wire or on a storage medium. If you are looking for a recovery option, take a look at Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Disaster Recovery as a Service Provider (DRaaS)

Historically, DR has been costly and hard to justify to many businesses.  DR used to mean that you purchased two of every piece of your infrastructure and hoped that you never powered up the DR equipment and one day you retired old dusty, never used assets and asked for more money for the next cycle.


Involve’s DRaaS simplifies DR.  Involve will retrieve data from your production environment and store the data in the Involve Cloud.  In the event of a disaster, Involve can recover your systems into the compute in the Involve Cloud.  No cost to you for the standby compute; you pay a simple cost per GB to store the data.  RTOs and RPO can be flexible to meet your budget and most importantly, your company’s requirements.


Involve’s DRaaS service includes a yearly DR test to verify backups and recovery

Recovery Point Objective: the maximum length of time between a backup event and a disaster.  This can be set from 24 hours down to under 5 minutes.


Recovery Time Objective: The amount of time needed to execute the DR plan for recovery and have the identified systems running and accessible.  Depending on several factors, this can be from 4 hours to 48 hours.

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We will reduce your annual budget, allow you to focus your resources to work on strategies that move your business forward, and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks.   We are technology experts who understand and deliver practical, economical and reliable solutions you can TRUST.