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HIPAA Assessments

HIPAA IT compliance is concerned with ensuring all the provisions of the HIPAA Security Rule are followed and all elements on your HIPAA compliance checklist are covered. Involve IT can assist with identifying and reviewing your IT Infrastructure for potential risks and provide solutions to mitigate those risks.

Identify Potential Risks

The HIPAA Security Rule are standards to safeguard and protect ePHI when it is at rest and in transit.  You can request Involve IT to perform HIPAA scans of your IT infrastructure to identify risks in your servers, network, users, workstations, devices, and encryption practices. We can work with you to review and report on key compliance standards required by the HIPAA Security Rule.


HIPAA Risk Analysis & Profile

Network Vulnerability Scan

Disk Encryption Report

Security File Scan Report

User Identification Worksheet

Computer Identification Worksheet

Network Share Identification Worksheet

Schedule your IT Infrastructure HIPAA Assessment and get jump on your potential security risks.

Recommended Compliance Requirements

Whether it’s Health, Finance, Energy, or other highly cyber secure industry, Involve IT recommends a minimum of security and compliance controls.  Involve IT pulls from industry best practices, experience working with their customer base, and the recommendations from manufacturers.  Each IT operation requires different policies and processes based on their IT infrastructure design, architecture and regulator requirements.  Involve IT works closely with our customers to design the best solutions fitting their financial and industry needs.

External Network Security Measures
Port and Access Security
SIEM Setup
Internal Network Security Measures
Port and Access Security
Access Controls
System Hardening
Physical Environment Hardening
Virtual Environment Hardening
Access Controls at all Layers
External Access and Perimeter
Internal System and App Access

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