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Whether you have a data center full of physical servers and are looking to make the jump to all virtual or are currently virtualized and looking to make the jump to a hyper-converged platform, Involve is here to help.

Hosts & Virtualization

Whether you have a data center full of physical servers and are looking to make the jump to all virtual or are currently virtualized and looking to make the jump to a hyperconverged platform, Involve is here to help. Working with your team, we can help put together a strategy and ROI for savings on power, cooling, and administration time. Involve will help develop a plan that will set you up for your next technology refresh. An IT strategy is essential to establish long and short-term goals when dealing with virtualization.


Involve can design a solution with 1U or 2U rack hosts or a blade center chassis, depending upon needs. Just using a host with the latest specs can cause unneeded spending while not gaining any real performance. Involve will design a solution with the right size hosts.

Did you know that memory is more important in hosts then processors?

Did you know that Windows licensing is more expensive on hosts with higher core counts?

Primary SAN Storage

Involve’s SAN storage solutions can help your business move at the speed of tomorrow. Utilizing the latest in hybrid and all-flash storage, Involve can help you increase efficiency, speed and reduce management complexity.  You no longer need highly specialized skills to manage a SAN solution.  We offer world class, best of breed solutions with simple management and predictive analytics for monitoring the storage solution.  We can design SAN replication to a secondary array offsite for quick DR recovery options.

Secondary / Backup Storage

Not all workloads are the same and, because of this, not all SAN solutions are a one-size-fits-all.  Most times backup storage does not need the performance of your primary storage array.  Secondary storage can be a repository for backups, an offsite array for DR or a deduplication appliance for retention data.


What are your secondary storage needs?


Secondary storage at your production site for retention data of over six weeks?  A Deduplication device can fit well for longer retention.  The longer your retention needs, the higher the usage of the deduplication!  These solutions can additionally replicate to a secondary offsite device.


Secondary storage for media files of backup of media files.  Since media doesn’t compress or dedupe well, an array of slower inexpensive disk may work best.  These solutions can also replicate to a secondary offsite device.


You may need storage at your secondary site for DR.  The storage solution may need performance but not as much as your primary storage.  You can spin up all your primary VMs but don’t need 100% performance of your primary array while in a declared disaster.


Legacy backup can be a large burden for any size organization.  Hours and hours of tending to backups, troubleshooting jobs and changing configurations are required with expanding storage needs and growing backup windows.


It doesn’t need to be this way!


Backups are one of the most important and most overlooked areas of I.T..  Spending budget on an area of I.T. that does not make things faster or really have an obvious impact on end user’s day to day work can be a hard sell to upper management.  Involve can help you put together the story of data loss and outages that has an impact on the bottom line of the business.


Involve I.T. will work with you on a true strategy that meets business needs and makes sense by using industry leading technology and standard processes.  Involve will not sell you a product and let you struggle with using it!  We will help design a solution that makes sense for the business and is easy to execute and manage for the I.T. team.

Can I backup to disk and still use my tape drive to produce tapes for retention?

Should I replicate backups to another site?

Should I replicate SAN snapshots offsite?

Does a De-dupe appliance make sense?

What are my real retention needs?

What is my real RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective)?


Disaster Recovery

Already have a secondary site to send backups to? We can help you size and organize a real DR plan.


Disaster recovery plans can be wide-ranging, from tape restores to real time replication. We can work with you and the business to see what makes sense.  We will help establish your DR plan along with realistic RTOs and RPOs and make sure you get the hardware needed to most effectively execute that plan, without breaking the bank.


Remember that DR is meant to be a short-term insurance policy for when a disaster strikes.  The environment does not need to be as fast as your production environment. You may not even need 100% of your production systems running in the event of a true disaster.


Common high-level solutions can be:


Replicated backups
RPO: 12 – 24 hours
RTO: 8 – 12 hours
Replicated SAN snapshots
RPO: 30 minutes – 4 hours
RTO: 4 – 8 hours
Replicated VM replicas
RPO: real time – 15 minutes
RTO: real time – 2 hours


Remember that RPO and RTO times are estimates and dependent on hardware and circuit speeds.


The cost of circuits is dropping almost as much as the speed is skyrocketing.  Don’t just renew your Internet or point to point circuits without contacting us for options.  Involve and our expert partners have relationships with all the major carriers in the area and can help you ensure the most cost-effective circuit that fits your business needs.


  • Internet Circuits
  • Point-to-Point Circuits
  • MPLS Circuits


Networks can be complex; in fact, they usually are complex.  Most networks grow as needed, not as planned.  This leads to complications in management and adds time to troubleshooting most issues.  Old routers and firewalls cannot keep up with current security concerns and faster and faster internet connections.


Involve and their expert partners can help you with the following and more!


  • Internal and external network troubleshooting
  • Core and edge switching replacements
  • 1Gig to 10Gig network core upgrades
  • Router upgrades or replacements
  • Traffic shaping
  • Load balancing
  • SD WAN

Technology Experts You Can Trust

We will reduce your annual budget, allow you to focus your resources to work on strategies that move your business forward, and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks.   We are technology experts who understand and deliver practical, economical and reliable solutions you can TRUST.